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New Jaclyn Hill Highlighter

December 28, 2021

Jaclyn Hill has announced a new holiday makeup line and it is packed full of highlight products. The infamous beauty guru is back in business after botching her lipstick launches earlier this year. This time, she’s focusing on the highlighting category with a series of highlighting products. The first of these new highlights will debut on November 26. Here’s what to expect from the line.

new jaclyn hill highlighter

The Accent Light Highlighter range from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics comes in eight shades, including two new ones, Go for Gold and Va-Va-Boom. Despite its name, the collection offers a nice range of highlighters, and the brand promises that the formulas will be hair-free. In addition, the brand promises that the new shades will last for up to three years. The brand has also improved their application tools, making it easier to apply the products.

The highlighters come in two formulas, with varying levels of brightness. The Champagne Pop highlighter is a sultry, golden shade. The bronze and cool-toned duos are made specifically for a pale skin tone. They are both easy to use and provide a beautiful glow. The shimmering powders are designed for use with a brush. They are made with a unique powdery formula, and the high-shine finish will give you a beautiful, radiant complexion.

The new Jaclyn Hill highlighter has a luminous and insanely shimmering finish. You can apply it to your cheekbones or the whole face or even just your eyes. And the best part? The formulas have no hair, which means they’ll last long! So, don’t worry if you’re allergic to animal hair! There’s no need to panic! You’ll get a great glow thanks to Jaclyn Hill’s Holiday Highlighter Collection.

The highlighter duos come in two-pan formats. There’s a warm-toned and cool-toned duo for pale skin. You can choose from the warm and cool-toned versions. The new shades also include a brush. The packaging of the trios feels luxurious, and the brand promises hair-free formulas. And the holiday palette is a great way to boost your glow this holiday season.

Besides the new highlighter, the holiday collection also features two other products: the Christmas mask and the lipstick. The highlighter is a multi-purpose product, and comes in four shades. It can be used on the cheeks, nose, and nose. The contouring powder is a versatile shade, allowing you to create a more defined brow line without applying lipstick. The range of the Holiday Collection is huge, and the different colors can be a great way to add sparkle to your look.

The new Jaclyn Hill highlighter singles are a great addition to the brand’s existing collection. The blush and bronze duo palettes will be available in ULTA stores on March 2nd. If you’re in the market for one of these products, make sure to check out her new line! This beauty entrepreneur has a knack for creating high-quality products that will last a long time.

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